Welcome to Biophotonics and Medicinal Chemistry Lab!


The goal of our laboratory is to develop innovative strategies for drug discovery and delivery to eradiate cancer using biophotonic and medicinal chemistry tools. Current research foci are 1) light-activated drug release, 2) dual functioning near IR BODIPY dyes for photodynamic therapy (PDT) and fluorescence image, and 3) anti-cancer drug discovery.

Lab News

# Dr. Watley's manuscript about dual-functioning BODIPYs was accepted to Chem Asian J. Congrats Dr. Watley! - Mar. 2015

# Dr. You was awarded R01 grant from NIH (National Institute of General Medical Sciences, NIGMS) for Prodrugs for Ovarian Cancers! - Feb. 2015

# Dr. Nkepang's manuscript about targeted light-activatable prodrugs was accepted to Bioconjugate Chem. Congrats Dr. Nkepang! - Oct. 2014

# Dr. You was awarded Idea Expansion Award grant from DoD Breast Cancer Research Program! - Jul. 2014

# The manuscript of BODIPY-fullernene dyads was published in Journal of  American Chemical Society- May 2014